Buyers of All Standing Timber
12172 Gilmore Point Dr.
Plainwell, MI  49080
Jeff Marshall
Fully Insured
Over 50 years experience!
Free Quotes
  • We pay Cash for your standing timber.

  • Free price quotes with no obligation-  We view and measure the trees in
    your yard/woods and give you a price quote based on the size and quality of your
    trees. Please contact Jeff by phone or email to set up an appointment.

  • Cash in Advance-  Cash is paid in full prior to the first tree being cut.

  • We often buy as few as one tree to five trees, but we are equipped to cut
    as many trees as the land owner wants to sell

  • Price Per Tree-The price per tree will vary based on the market, tree species,
    size, and overall quality.  

  • Highest Price - As a small, family owned company, we can offer the highest
    price for your standing timber because we have less overhead then the larger
    "Production Mills".